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Give yourself the gift of yoga and explore the power Of YOU!

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Welcome to Yoga United at Brighton!

From the very first class, you will reduce stress, build strength & increase flexibility

All classes are tailored for beginners...

We are a yoga studio committed to an environment of healing, well-being and good health. You will experience a powerful gateway to your mental clarity and emotional calm, along with discovering a path to discipline, respect, happiness, balance, focus and a true connection of the mind and body. Yoga is always a PRACTICE, never a PERFECTION - a journey that continues to unfold from the inside, enhancing one's life and well-being.

All instructors at Yoga United at Brighton have completed rigorous Teacher Training's and are dedicated to guide you through your practice safely. Once you finish class, you'll leave this studio feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, revitalized, balanced and refocused...brand new, from the inside out.

Welcome to Yoga United at Brighton - get ready for your personal transformational journey!


Yoga United At Brighton's Class Schedule

Please see our weekly class schedule and explore the power of YOU!

What our student's are saying:

"I heard about Yoga United At Brighton so I decided to try it and I was hooked. Non judgemental and a great practice!"
"My top three benefits from practicing yoga are: stronger focus and discipline, increased flexibility and better balance."
-Suzzette Bolinder

"I love the feeling of unity and the ability to draw energy from a group class"
"My top three benefits from practicing yoga are: increased flexibility and strength in lower back and hamstrings. Improved focus, concentration and balance."
-Chris Miller

200hr Teacher Training
Click on the link above for more information and to register for our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training!

Educator, Student, Police and Fire Fighter Discount!

20% off ALL packages/classes
(excludes new student 30 for 30 or seasonal Specials)

Its Vital that you take care of you...Experience the most FAST and EFFICIENT way to bring health, well-being and COMPREHENSIVE preventative medicine into your life
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