Liv **

Liv ** instructs the following:
  • Power Hour
    In this class, we will condense the Bikram Yoga series into 60 minutes (vs the traditional 90 minute class). 
    Some of the series will hold postures for 2 sets, while other postures will be held for only one set.
    This is a challenging, powerful class, that delivers all the benefits of the Bikram series AND allows us to grab a class when our schedules are sometimes a bit tight.
    Join us!!

  • Warm Vinyasa flow
  • Suitable for all levels, this playful, powerful, energetic Vinyasa class linking breath with movement is designed to create heat in the body using a flowing series of postures. The results are increased strength, flexibility, balance, and clarity of mind. With a heated room set to 90-95, and an upbeat playlist, this energetic practice will leave you ready to flow around the obstacles that come your way, empowering your strength to face anything!