What Makes BYAB Different?

With so many different yoga studios and various styles of yoga available, you may be wondering what makes Bikram unique.

  • BYAB has a heated floor. Why does this matter? Because heat rises, a heated floor helps to ensure consistent temperature even when students begin the floor postures for the last part of class.
  • The heat. Well, it is hot in the studio, but that is by design. The heat and humidity create an atmosphere to promote flexibility. Sweating is also an excellent way to rid your body of toxins, so it has cleansing benefits as well.
  • BYAB has a multi-dimensional approach to wellness. Denyse Rehiel Kling recruits talented instructors and collaborates with other like-minded health and yoga practitioners to provide a comprehensive wellness experience for the mind, body and soul.
  • BYAB has a variety of class times for the early morning, mid-day, afternoon and evening.
  • Because Bikram involves the same 26 postures in the same order each class, students can measure their progress and gain a better understanding of where they may be improving and where they can continue to focus.
  • As a young studio, BYAB offers a mix of experienced and beginning students who are all excited to be a part of the journey of this special new treasure. This growing family of yogi practitioners are supportive and encouraging of one another – whether it is your first or 1,000th class.
BYAB operates at optimal conditions to best support each person’s individual practice. Whether you’ve been practicing for years or interested in just getting started, stop in to discover the Bikram difference.