Yoga United at Brighton Team


Yoga United At Brighton has a team of dedicated instructors committed to your personal growth and well-being. Many instructors have completed a rigorous 9-week 26/2 Traditional Hot Yoga training.

Join our Yoga United At Brighton family! If you are a 26/2 Traditional Hot Yoga instructor wishing to teach at Yoga United At Brighton or would like to become one, please contact our Studio for more information.


About our instructors

Many of our Instructors are certified to teach 26/2 traditional Hot Yoga. Certification requires completion of a 9 week training under a Master Instructor's supervision. Our instructors are here to guide you through the postures with a specific copywritten dialogue. Do your best to hear what they are saying, listen to their direction, let them encourage and challenge you to stretch to new levels within yourself.

Take a leap of faith and invest in your future by taking charge of your life as you stretch, strengthen, and sweat, doing more for your health and general well-being than you ever imagined.  

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